Markéta Mravcová (Innogy): 
"We want to offer innovative products to the customers more than ever before."

On what types of activities concerning Smart Factory are you participating?

We are particularly interested in the development of smart platform for monitoring and managing energy consumption. Other areas of our interest are smart lighting projects from a design phase up to implementation of complex energy-saving lighting systems. 

What kind of start-ups have you already worked with and what results have you achieved by joining your efforts?

Within our “innovation HUB” we cooperate with a number of technology startups worldwide in Silicon Valley (eg. Planet Os, KnGrid, Bidgely), we actively support emerging projects via the technological center GTEC in Berlin, but also in Israel and in London. Of course, we believe in Czech innovation and entrepreneurship and that is why we are looking for promising projects here as well. Moreover, we actively monitor the startup scene in Prague at universities and within privately operating platforms. 

What opportunities and innovative leaps is your company expecting in the immediate future?

The biggest opportunity offers - undoubtedly - our new brand. The energy world is going through a fundamental change and so do we in order to be able to respond to emerging markets, new competitors and new business models.  Our future lies within the new innogy brand. As the name itself suggests, innovation and new technologies are embedded in the company DNA. We want to offer innovative products to the customers more than ever before.