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Czech-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Prize money and free membership for 1 year

The overall winner will receive 3.000 EUR sponsored by the Czech-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce and 1 year free membership in the chamber.


To start up a business is a tremendously courageous act. Who does it, is usually up against a myriad doubts and objections with believers far outnumbered by those having doubts. However, thanks to the digital revolution, the speed of innovation has accelerated to unprecedented levels. Never before it has been easier to access tools and capital and to harness methodologies that increase the chances of success. Because of this, the pace at which start-ups disrupt traditional ways of doing business will certainly not drop.

Deloitte services to winners

Deloitte will offer the winner in each of the six categories a certain amount of its services free of charge. The services will depend on who the winners are, their preferences and the nature of the solution developed by them. Although the exact content of the service package cannot be known at this stage, we envisage that it will be in one or a combination of the following service areas:

Business case: Content, consistency and presentation

  • Review and challenge the business case and the underlying innovation

  • Suggest broad areas for improvement, both to content presentation

Intellectual property rights protection

  • Highlight areas of concern

  • Provide an overview of ways to protect intellectual property rights


  • Identify potential outsourcing solutions

  • Particular emphasis on back-office outsourcing, including of bookkeeping, taxes, F&A, HR, operations etc.

Digital readiness

  • Competitive scan of digital presence, assessment of different digital channels

  • Evaluate the potential in E-commerce

  • Highlight brand marketing options

Tax and legal set-up

  • Assess the impact of choice of location, financing mode, human resource model etc. on tax

  • Outline broad legal requirements

  • Particular emphasis on the implications of cross-border activities

Grants & Incentives

  • Identify support schemes for which the start-up might qualify

  • Identify potential further steps, if any

Accounting issues

  • Identify accounting issues typical for the start-up’s industry

  • Highlight the tax and accounting impact of the issues identified

  • Identify potential further steps to achieve a water-tight solution

Roland Berger

Starting a business requires a value proposition in which an entrepreneur can invest his passion, which usually translates into many years of blood, sweat and tears. It's not an easy job, it requires tremendous endurance, and it will most likely be a lonely journey – but building it can also be highly rewarding in terms of self-realization and with some luck, bring financial independence as well. And of course, as Founder and CEO you report to no one… except maybe your family, your employees and your customers who all play much more important roles than one imagines coming from the corporate world.

But startups are also an engine for the future growth of societies, and as such need to be nourished and encouraged. Statistics show that the average lifespan of a company on the S&P 500 Index has dropped from 61 years in 1958 down to 18 years in 2012, and continues to shorten. New companies are constantly replacing incumbents – just look at how Uber, AirBnB and Spotify have completely redefined their industries in less than 10 years. John Chambers (the former CEO of Cisco Systems) goes so far as to predict that 40% of today's businesses will not exist in a meaningful way in 10 years, and further suggests that 70% of companies will "attempt" to go digital, but only 30% of those that try "will be successful". However, don't expect a vacuum to form when companies leave the stage. The startups of today are filling those spaces, and in many cases redefining those spaces altogether.

Roland Berger services to winners

Consulting services worth 1000 EUR provided by experienced Roland Berger consultants and experts

in the areas of

  • Strategy, go-to-market

  • Business model, value proposition definition

  • Market analysis, market potential assessment

  • Business planning, financing, cash flow management

  • Visualization and presentation

  • Presentation skills, elevator pitching

  • Management coaching

The winners of each task can choose and discuss one of the abovementioned topics with experienced Roland Berger consultants and experts on the subject. The session can be in a form of a short workshop, interactive discussion or training. The overall winner can choose one additional topic.

Roland Berger staff will also provide access to their personal networks to further support development of the winning startups.