Choose a task -> Register -> Deliver solutions/s -> Win prize money and services packages

Who is the organizer?

Organizer of the contest is the Czech-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry placed in Prague, Czech Republic. Learn more about us.

Who is looking for your innovations?

Six partner companies from three fields of industry:

  • Energy: E.ON Česká republika s.r.o., Pražská energetika a.s., innogy Česká republika a.s.
  • Automotive: ŠKODA AUTO a.s., Brose CZ spol. s r.o.
  • ICT: SAP ČR, spol. s r.o.

Each partner company has nominated a judge who will be member of the jury deciding about the winner.

Where is your challenge and business opportunity?

Each partner company formulated one task. Check the tasks and propose innovative solutions for them!

There are six competition tasks in total. You can deliver max. one task solution for each of the three fields of industry (Energy, Automotive, ICT). That means you can deliver solutions to three tasks at maximum.

Who can apply?

The following can register for the contest:

  • startups and former startups which have been established 2010 and later
  • freelancers, who have not established a company yet 
  • students

Accepted will be applications from all over the world.

How to participate in the contest?

  1. Fill in the online form to register. In this step you will mark the task/s you want to work on.
  2. We will confirm your registration soon. (Please notice, there is no legal claim for participation.)
  3. Prepare your solutions.
  4. Pitch your solution/s in a short video presentation OR a slideshow in English, which shows your concrete solution/s. The video should be not longer than 3 minutes, the slideshow shoud have max. 10 slides.
  5. Send your video or slideshow to through or other upload services. Deadline: 15th of September.

Recommendation to you: Keep in mind, that this video or slideshow is the key to your success in the contest and further cooperation with the company of the task.

How can you get in touch with the partner companies?

Follow our News section where will we announce the events within the contest, if you want to personally get in touch with the partner companies. After registrating on this website we will also inform you individually about workshops and meetings with the companies of your task/s.

Who will decide on the winner?

The jury consists of representatives of all partner companies, consulting partners, institutional partners and the organizer. Check the jury.

How is the winner chosen?

  • The organizer will forward received applications to the judges from the partner companies. Each partner company will only get solutions for its own competition task.
  • Each partner company nominates a winner of its task. The result of these nominations will be 6 winners, one for each task→ top 6
    (Please notice, there is no legal obligation for the partner companies to nominate a winner, when there is no relevant solution.)
  • After that the whole jury will meet to elect the overall winner out of those top 6. That means the whole jury will decide on the overall winner. The following criteria will be important for this decision: innovativeness, relevance, customer benefit, maturity, sustainability
  • The results will be announced at our award show on 15th of November 2016. We are looking forward to see you at the award show! All applicants are welcome!

What can you win?

  • All top 6 winners will receive individual service packages from the consulting partners of the competition. The winners can choose individually concrete services from a menu.
  • In addition the overall winner will receive 3.000 EUR sponsored by the organizer of the competition – the Czech-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry - and a one year free membership in the chamber.

Milestones of the contest

  • April 20th - Kick Off
  • September 15th - Deadline for applications
  • November 29th – Award ceremony